Terms and Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions specify the conditions of reserving and renting apartments. Making a reservation means accepting the provisions of the following Terms and Conditions.




Making a reservation, confirming a reservation, cancelling a reservation:
1. A reservation of an apartment is made via phone or via a reservation form in the ‘reservation’ section of the webpage (and then confirming the reservation by clicking ‘BOOK’). After we receive a correctly filled reservation form, verification of the availability of a given apartment and date begins. If the apartment is available, you will receive a confirmation of reservation on the e-mail address specified in the form, along with the information about the cost, payment deadline and a bank account number. The confirmation of an initial reservation is sent to the e-mail address specified in the form in 24 hours since making the reservation. The initial reservation is valid for 24 hours.  It is required to make a 30 per cent down payment within 3 days since submitting the form to confirm the reservation. It shall be paid into the account specified in the e-mail confirming the reservation. Failing to make a down payment before the specified deadline results in cancelling the reservation. Final confirmation of the reservation shall be sent on the specified e-mail address after the down payment is received. The remaining sum shall be paid into the specified account 3 days before arrival or by cash – on the day of arrival (credit and cash cards are not accepted).
2. The Customer is entitled to cancel the reservation, immediately informing about it via phone or e-mail.
3. If the Customer is responsible for cancelling the reservation, the down payment is not returned.
4. If the Owner is responsible for cancelling the reservation, the Customer is entitled to receive a doubled down payment.




Arrival, handing in the key, hotel night:
1. A hotel night counts from 3 PM on the arrival day to 10 AM on the departure day.
2. The customer receives a key to an apartment and a chip to other doors.
3. The customer is obliged to inform the person responsible for handing in the key/electronic chip about their arrival no later than 2 hours before the arrival.
4. If arriving on the set time is not possible, the Customer is obliged to immediately inform the person responsible for handing the key/electronic chip about it via phone. The Customer is obliged to pay the sum specified on the confirmation of the reservation even if, owing to circumstances beyond the Owner’s control, their arrival or visit is delayed or shortened (personal reasons, transport problems, strikes etc.).
5. The Customer receives the key/magnetic card and is obliged to return them to the Owner on the departure day. Losing the key/magnetic card is fined 100 PLN.
6. Checking in and checking out takes place in the apartment, in the presence of the Owner or an authorized person.
7. The Customer is obliged to obey the present terms and conditions and appropriately obey rental rules specified by the Civil Code.
8. Checking in after 10 PM and checking out before 7 PM should be arranged with a person responsible for handing in the key.




Prices and services:
1. The price of renting an apartment concerns the maximum number of guests as specified in the offer.
2. The price includes renting an apartment, media fee and basic maintenance fee: changing bed linen every 14 days, changing towels every 7 days and final cleaning
3. Our prices are gross prices; they include 8% value added tax.
4. The Owner is entitled to collect a deposit amounting to 300PLN. The deposit is returned on the departure day.

5. The climatic fee for each day spent within the administrative borders of Władysławowo amounts to 0.70 PLN for pensioners and students and 1.60 PLN for other parties obliged to pay the climatic fee.




Children accommodation:
1. Children under 18 years old can stay in the apartments only if accompanied by adults.
2. Children under 3 years old are free from any charges for accommodation.




Rights, duties, responsibility:
1. The Owner of the apartments is obliged to provide the conditions for full and unconstrained guest’s visit in the apartment.
2. The Customer is obliged to comply with the rules of good neighbourhood and maintain a proper condition of the apartment.  The Customer is obliged to immediately inform the person responsible for handing in the key about any damage and deficiencies found in the apartment and to report any damage caused by them during their visit. The equivalent sum of the damage and its removal is covered by the Customer.
3. A number of guests able to stay in the apartment is limited to the number specified in the offer and in the confirmation of the reservation.
4. The Owner does not allow keeping animals in the apartment.
5. The Owner does not allow smoking cigarettes in the apartment.

6. Only Baltic Sol customers are authorized to use the barbecue location.
7. The Customer is allowed to use the apartment merely in terms of accommodation and is not allow to rent it on their behalf without the Owner’s consent.
8. If the Owner or the person responsible for handing in the key is called by neighbours or the police as a result of violating the lights-out period from 10 PM to 6 AM, the Owner is entitled to dissolve the agreement immediately, with no obligation to return the already paid sum.
9. If the Customer significantly violates neighbours’ peace and/or goods and does not comply with the generally accepted norms of human coexistence, the Owner is entitled to terminate the Customer’s visit and is not obliged to return the money for the remaining days of the reservation.




Protection of personally identifiable information

By making the reservation on the ‘reservation’ website, the Customer agrees to process their personally identifiable information merely in order to realize the reservation and fulfill the report duty according to the provisions of the act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personally identifiable information. The Customer is entitled to have an insight into their personally identifiable information and to actualize it.




The law due in case of conflicts between the Owner and the Customer is the Polish law. Any conflicts shall be settled amicably, and if the agreement is not reached – in a proper court. Customers of the apartments have read the above terms and conditions and accepted their provisions. In cases unregulated by the present terms and conditions, the regulations of the Civic Law and appropriate acts shall be applicable.

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